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Monthly membership program

Subscription program where fans pay $3 a month to get exclusive video and written content and access to a private online community.

Brief: Create custom landing page introducing membership scheme to fans. Build a custom paywalled part of where members access content and account details. Get thousands to sign up.

Project duration: 9 months
Launch: March 2018, ongoing
Team: 1xDesigner, 2xDevelopers, 1xVideo Producer, 2xContent Producers

Achievements: Target reached within 48h. 93% Monthly Active Users. Conversion Rate between 5-7%. Low Customer Acquisition Cost. Churn Rate <6.5%. Helped a member get over her ex at 2am.

New products introduced: Stripe, Paypal Express Checkout, Wordpress paywall, Chargebee, Shipstation. 

Mark website

Launched babe’s custom website after success publishing on another platform.

Brief: Design and build an on-brand, user-friendly site on a custom domain to host babe’s written and video content.

Project duration: 2 months
Launch: May 2017
Team: 1xDesigner, 1xFront End Developer, 1xWordpress Developer

Achievements: Increased direct traffic to homepage. Saving $1M by choosing a .net domain over a .com.


Regular email sent out with updates from babe editors, top stories, and recommendations.

Brief: Produce newsletter strategy and  obtain subscriber quota before launch. Design and build templates. 

Project duration: 2 months
Launch: January 2018, ongoing
Team: 1xDesigner, 1xContent Producer

Achievements: 22% average Open Rate. Increased monthly subscribers added from 500 to 3000.

New products introduced: Mailchimp. Pico. Facebook Ads. Google Analytics Event Tracking.



We launched babe, a site for young women who don’t give a fuck, in May 2016. Now, babe is a globally recognized brand. This project covers the first few months of the initial launch. 

Brief: Introduce a new vertical to a demographic of women aged 18-24 that gives them relatable content on topics they care about.

Project duration: 5 months
Launch: May 2016
Team: 3xEditors, 100xRemote Writers.

Achievements: 500K Facebook likes. Viral story gaining over 2.5M views.

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